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"Your reason, or your why, can’t be all about yourself. You have to want to help other people. If you make it a goal to help your friends and family become successful, then they will reach out to help you."

- David & Tawnya Hsiung, Double Diamonds


           No matter how many times I stand up and teach, I am always nervous. What if I say something stupid? What if people don’t like me? What if they think my offering is worthless? A lot of my journey in becoming a health coach/ speaker/ coach/ teacher has relied on my ‘confidence’...

           Something that I have struggled with my entire life. I’ve tried ‘fake it till you make it’, I’ve tried ‘grin and bear it’, I’ve also tried the ‘get wasted the night before and turn up half cut’ (not recommended). My new style (which is easier as I push through the uncomfortable), but harder (as it is confronting) is turn up as my authentic self and share from the heart - yip...

           There are often tears, it’s not often polished but I feel that I connect with the people that need me and repel those that don’t (we can’t please them all people)! Say a little prayer and hope I am granted the wisdom in the moment... we can’t control what others think about us. But we have every ounce of control of how we authentically show up.

           Start small and bit by bit reveal yourself to the world. You are so beautifully and perfectly made and no matter where you are at, there are humans out there waiting to hear from YOU.


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“You must have a vision, something that you can look forward to, something that will prevent you from getting bogged down in the day to day. Set benchmarks that will help you get there. “

- Tammy & Dave Miller 

You can make a decision too. What is the one thing you could start or stop right now that would change the trajectory of your life?

Now what is your next challenge?

Starting your own business is not easy, but it will be one of the most rewarding and satisfying things you'll ever done!

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Essential oils are similar to pharmaceutical drugs in the way that everybody’s body responds differently to each oil.

When you become one of my Wholesale Shoppers I don’t just sell you the oil, I help you find solutions to your problems and take you on an Oil Learning experience until we find the right for for your personal needs. Xx Vetiver is my hard hitter for supporting deep restorative sleep after I’ve tried lavender, Frank, lavender peace! I love to combine oils to make the perfect combo that suits YOU!!

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"When you look past yourself and focus on serving others, then your life will change. Taking the time to individually coach others had the single biggest impact on my doTERRA® business. You have to know your leaders so you know how to inspire them.”

  –Natalie Goddard, Double Diamond

       Working through my #dreamlifejournal from 2020 and realized my new product range was made for me. Thank you Amy for making beautiful, refillable cleaning products.  I love me.

       Who knew I was this awesome and actually achieved some of my dreams in 2020. It’s so good to write things down so you can check in, reflect and celebrate your successes! If you want to be like Amy go to Simply Wellness shop and get yours today!


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"I have thoroughly enjoyed this oil camp. All the ladies were awesome. Very helpful. 
This is my second Oil camp. How could anyone not take away something different from each camp. I really enjoyed everything,everyone brought to the group..the coaches are all amazing and so helpful."

- Karen~Auckland 

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